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Reviewed: FUT Online Coin Sellers

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Reviewed: FUT Online Coin Sellers

Post by Tipsandtricksfor on Sat Oct 24, 2015 11:13 am

We from have decided to test coin selling websites and give you the cheapest ones to buy FUT 16 coins. Below here there are some pretty good and cheap options to buy your FIFA 16 coins.


Rating: 5/5  

- Good delivery time
- PayPal, Ideal, Visa and more.
- Good prices
- 24/7 support is one of the most famous FUT coins sellers. For the last years of FIFA games has been one of the leading coin sellers. For FUT 16 coins this won't be any different. is also known for having good offers and deals, so when you choose this website to buy your FUT 16 coins, just check the website regularly and you'll save a lot of money using the offers. It happens often that you'll get a discount when you make a purchase. This FUT coins seller uses three methods to give you FIFA coins. The first method is buying a new account on Ultimate Team. This one is pretty heavy because you've to start over with a new account. When you're starting to play FUT 16 this could be a pretty good option to start with a good amount of FUT coins. The second method is the 'well known' player auction. Make your purchase on and put the player that you on the market for the price you've selected. After a few minutes the player will be bought by the coin seller. The third method is coin recharging. This one requires your personal account settings, so it's not the most popular way. But with the big FUT 16 coins sellers this won't be a problem, it's safe and reliable.

Read More:


Rating: 4.8/5  

- Good delivery time
- Good price
- PayPal, Ideal, Visa and more.
- 24/7 support
- Many discount offers
- Language support is internationally known for being one of the best FUT coins sellers. This won't be any different for FUT 16 coins. The website is really clear and the ratings are pretty good. wants to be a good FUT seller to their users and that’s why they offer 24/7 support and give a little more explanation about making purchases than the other FUT coins sellers. For FUT 16 this seller will be one of the leading coin sellers again. The reason for that is because always keeps improving the methods to buy FUT coins. The methods they are using are the player auction, the mule auction and the comfort trade. The player auction is well known to buy FUT 16 coins and is also one of the most used ones. Sell a player on the transfer market and will buy the player from you giving you the coins you bought on the website. The Mule auction is receiving the login for an already existing account with coins on it. You'll receive the login information on your email address, so double check the email address. The third option is the comfort trade. This one requires your personal login date and will put FUT 16 coins on your account when. When you've received the conformation your account will be filled with more FUT coins.

Read More:

Other tested services: Also reliable and fast, but less language support. Rating: 4,3/5

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Re: Reviewed: FUT Online Coin Sellers

Post by janwuh87 on Tue Oct 27, 2015 4:59 pm

Thanks, great review!


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