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Trading Tips FUT 16 #1

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Trading Tips FUT 16 #1

Post by Tipsandtricksfor on Sat Oct 24, 2015 10:54 am

Make a living with small profits
Small profits do pay off. Every year there a few popular player cards which are not too expensive and are pretty constant. Search for one of those players (for example in FUT15 a good player was Vermaelen or Naldo) and figure out for how much the player normally sells. After that make small bids on many of the same player cards. Many cards are sold under the 'standard' value. Buy all those cards and sell them for a buy now price a few hundred higher than the normal price. The coins will be rolling in!

FUT 16 Managers
Managers are very underrated. Managers are a good way to earn coins in FUT 16. Due to ignorance many manager cards are sold for a few hundred coins. And can be sold for a few thousand. Take a look in the transfer market and check for popular gold manager cards. Find the ones with a low buy now price and sell them with profit.

Time of the week
Some medium popular players seem to be cheaper during the week and in the morning (for me time-zone: Amsterdam). Once you've figured it out what is the best time to buy players it's a good way to store them in your club. In the weekend the prices go back up again and you can sell your player cards for a lot more coins.

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